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Good morning from a beautiful Texas. We are sunny, and warming up.

Donna, Jim and I were looking at Griffins picture on FB last night. We agree that he and Bella could be twins. Bella is a little darker, and older, but they look so much alike.

Today my plans are to do all those things I have put off all week. It is also Falcons day.

Yesterday was a new experience for me. We live in a very small town, pop 50,000, and only have two grocery stores. One is Wal Mart and the other is a Texas company called HEB. The HEB store is smaller, and the one I preferred, but they are building a new store that is suppose to the the largest in Texas. I prefer the smaller, so I shopped at Wal Mart yesterday. I have avoided it because I can't get out of the store without spending to much. I suffer from ADHD when I shop . You know what I am talking about. "I need bananas, oh look at that sweater!!" Now I have to teach myself to only see food.

Well, I have to get going, so everyone have a good day.


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