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Originally Posted by momofmeg View Post
I am rethinking booking another short Connie cruise to get points toward Elite.
I will say this-the service was below par on the Connie. Old coffee from breakfast left in the coffee urns all day in buffet restaurant-instead of closing all coffee stations but 1 and keeping fresh coffee there which is the norm on other Celebrity cruises. We actually had old sheets with holes in them on our bed. As far as the Connie looking worn- the only place I really noticed that was the Reflections Lounge's mosiac floor looked really rough-well that and the sheets !

I did enjoy the Tuscan Grille and Bistro on Five very much-it was nice they were added. I noticed however the Bistro on Five was pretty bare both times I was there. I did not mind for myself-it was nice- but it makes me fear they could turn the restaurant back into a lounge if they thought it would get more "business" as a lounge. We did have gelato at the gelato station-that was enjoyable too.

The solarium area is not adult's only-open to all-so that little haven was missing, sadly.

I guess I just hate we only really enjoyed where we paid extra on ship. Although I would have gladly paid extra for the Solaruim to be adult's only paid passes to have that little haven, as it would have added to my enjoyment of the cruise and would have been worth it. (Just as I found the Tuscan Grille, Bistro on Five and gelatio station worth the extra fee.)

Botton line the cruise was okay- nothing special-but it was a little 4 day-so maybe I should not expected any more. Still, I am wondering if we may as well book NCL for the Baltic next year. The way I see it-if I am going to get a NCL experience anyway perhaps I should just book NCL. At least NCL keeps the coffee fresh all day in the buffet area-even on my cheapo summer Sky cruise I had that.
FYI, Solarium is Adult only on all ships except Celebrity reserves the right to open it up to everyone in inclement weather which usually happens on a TA and on some Alaska cruises..

Here's the relevent section of the web site..

* During inclement weather and select hours, the ship may permit the Solarium Pool (if covered) to be used by persons under age sixteen (16) provided they are directly supervised by a parent or guardian.

On all the ships I have been on including S and M class ships it has been adult only but then we had excellent and warm weather.


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