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Adam Francis
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Default Re: Re: Nice sports coat and slacks enough for formal night?

I quite simply do not understand what your problem its. I totally understand the dress-codes on Celebrity, and I in no way disagree with the dress codes that you listed. The only mistake that I made was saying that sports-jacket, slacks, and tie are inappropriate which for formal nights, they are. I am not misinformed at all. I know exactly what the dress-codes are, and WHO ARE YOU TO TELL ME THAT I DO NOT? I agree with what you said about the dress codes. By the way, when I was on Infinity last April, a tie was NOT required for formal nights! I don't know if it is after the re-branding, but it was not then. Therefore, YOU ARE THE ONE that is misinformed. And, please not call me "sir" and then "by the way 'pal'". I do not make my spelling and grammar perfect because I do not care enough, nor do most people on this board.

Adam Francis

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