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Default Re: Nice sports coat and slacks enough for formal night?

Mr. Adam Francis:

In reference to your post to JanGail dated 07-03-03, second paragraph, first sentence
is quoted: "A sports coat and slacks are inappropriate for a Celebrity cruise." That
sentence alone is what others including myself, is taking issue with. Unless you
disagree, what most of us are clarifying is that such attire is perfectly appropriate
for informal evenings. We will follow the guidance provided by Celebrity Cruise
Lines based on what their brochures/website/daily onboard newsletters tell us
to wear. Additionally, if there are any lingering questions on what to wear while
on board, the purser's desk can also advise you. In today's society, as other
posters have indicated, lines have been blurred as to the definitions of formal,
informal, semi-formal, elegantly casual, resort casual, etc., etc. To further complicate
matters more, people's perceptions of what they wear is considered dressy or not
also varies wildly. For example, you have seen TV and movie stars at the Oscar
ceremonies wearing a dark jacket with a t-shirt! Look how dress varies among the
men and women at these formal affairs! I remember Martha Stewart arrived to a
White House State Dinner and caused a few comments about wearing a pants suit!
People are just too different in perceptions of what defines dressy and not dressy
that there will never be any agreement on what is appropriate.

Oh well, we just do the best we can with our own intelligence and research and
try to dress accordingly to what is advised at the time for that particular occassion.

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