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Originally Posted by felix_the_cat View Post
I have just returned from the Reflection and I can absolutely assure you the Sky lounge has been cut in half. I saw it.................OK? With the addition of new cabins/suites I can also assure you the ship is crowded. The dining room alone has adde more tables and is very tight. There are tables right at th foot of the stairs meaning if you want to use the stairs from the third deck to the second deck you need to squeeze by the table at the foot of the stairs.

I will report more later, however I must give a huge thanks to the front desk. One of our group had to be air lifted but they couldn't take the spouse. I worked with her for the remainder of our cruise as the front desk gave her continuous access to the telephone and any other help she needed..
A lot of people are complaining about the sky lounge, those suites up there were put in the plans late in construction. I guess they figure it wasn't used as much as they wanted so why not put those suites in. I personally like the sky lounge, I'm usually up early and like to watch docking from there.

As far as room, I have seen posts both ways, its crowded, not crowded. I guess its just everyone's own perception.

Sorry about your friend, hope everything works out.
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