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Originally Posted by dkjretired View Post
I was on the Summit in Sept and they had signs at all the entrances but we were in Bermuda and there was really no issue with inclement weather. I like the Solarium because I have had a Melanoma in the past and avoid the sun like the plague. The S class ships have a wonderful solarium, it is much bigger, the pool is bigger and the chairs have cushions to make them more comfortable. Funny thing on the Summit there must have been something wrong with the pool, it was hotter than the hot tubs and they were at their correct temp.
But the S class do not have T pools-which is what I would be willing to pay extra for. I did find Solstice's area nice last summer and did spend time there. I have a strong sensitvely to sun because of my diabetes meds-so I like a covered area for that reason also.

As far as the Connie-I would not be surprised if the signs were removed for the 3-5 family time and then never put back. The crew seemed very lax. I guess the shorter cruises get the least experinced workers. That I understand, but for what a 12 day Baltic costs on Celebrity that is not acceptable. As I said, we will probably just save the money and do NCL if the Connie is Celebrity's choice summer 2014 with her alternating with the shorter winter Caribbean cruises.
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