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Originally Posted by felix_the_cat View Post
Our friend is fine thank you. He's back in Canada and home now. It was an upsetting time I must say. The whole issue had some pros and cons to it but that's another story.

We love to Sky Lounge too. It was always a nice place to sit and enjoy the sea sights. Those new cabins are under key entry only and of course, we weren't able to see them.. Whoever walking past the entry did not impress me at all, it truly looks like a late add on that doesn't belong.

The Sky Lounge was not available to passengers much during the day as they tied it up with the Art Auction. You couldn't get in there unless you registered. Then, on at least one occasion, we were asked to vacate 20 minutes after the Elite happy hour ended as it was booked for a private function.

The ship was beautiful, but frankly, I'm not sure we would sail on her again. We will sail (and have sailed) on her sister ships but this one - I don't think so.

There were a couple of other things that turned us off - a full performance in the centrum where there just isn't the room was ridiculous for instance and crew who were constantly asking to be named on the review - including one female who asked one of our group just because they had the same name - she didn't service her in anyway - didn't even know what department she was from!!!

Those suites are set up so they can be sold individually or someone can obtain all of them for a large family or group. The outside door is able to be locked so that only those staying there can use them.
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