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Default Re: Nice sports coat and slacks enough for formal night?

Sorry, two of mine are past the high school age, and they did not have trouble with the authorities, and the two younger teens have not had any trouble with authorities either.
They all have a mind of their own, however, as do most people.
Some authoritarian parents have kids with difficulty in authority. Sorry, but your theory of putting everyone in a box is outdated. How did we get on this subject? I will clearly put my opinion out there, as you have completey distorted my view. I and my family adhere to the celebrity dresscode, and have never been asked to dress otherwise, however, if a cruiseline becomes anal in their adherence policy, I will not continue to cruise with that line. As of now, with the dress policy that Celebrity is supporting, I will continue to keep Celebrity open as a choice. Norm, lighten up a little, you'll live longer.
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