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Well, like so many of you, we are COLD. 15 at present and this is warmer than tomorrow is to be. A bit of flurries - maybe a dusting, maybe 5 inches - it is a toss up of just wait and see.

Speaking of Cpaps - MikeM. - we will be traveling with one soon for the first time. Do you use the ship's desalinated tap water in yours? We can't hardly bring distilled water with us for two weeks?? Any hints you can give us (besides NOT putting it in the back of the taxi) would be helpful. Continue to get better and enjoy the cruise(s).

Donna, Manuel, Canuckity - hope your day is grand!

RD - our two dogs are getting a Spa day, too. Leaving about 2:45 and picking up clean-smelling dogs about 5:00. Will have to take their coats along as it is COLD!

Luanne - good luck computer shopping

LS80 and CruisinKnJ - enjoy the laundry!

Aerogirl and Lakers Fan - stay warm (or at least try to!!)

Trip - sounds like you will be busy with beads for the day

I won't be in office much today. Grooming dogs, bills to pay and other side stuff to get done. Tomorrow is an office day and then two days of client appointments to keep me busy.

Have a good day to all!
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