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Good morning Gang. It's bright and sunny and just above freezing. I'm sure it will warm up some this afternoon. I got more done yesterday. I turned the tv on and worked during the commercials. I got a lot more done that way.

Bob, I have a lot of people who want to trade me some of their high blood pressure for some of my low pressure. I wish I could. I take medication to keep mine high enough so that I can function. I still have days that it wants to run low, anyway. It makes doing anything a PITA. I get more done by turning the tv on and watching a marathon of something I like...but I have to wait for something I like because I usually can't stand regular daytime a lot of stuff waits until evening to get done....When my bp is having a great day a lot gets done and it's wait for another good day or for a marathon of SVU or The Mentalist or Tuesday evenings for Big Bang Theory on TBS. A lot of house cleaning gets done then.
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