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Our older son, Cap'n Matt, was home over the weekend and we were talking about all this. He's got some interesting perspectives, because he's a former college baseball pitcher, college baseball coach for 10 years, is still an avid amateur bicycle racer, participates in numerous bicycle stage races annually, along with the occasional biathlon and triathlon. How he fits all this in with playing bass in his band and flying people around the country I'll never know.

He agrees, of course, that Armstrong is a jerk and a disgrace. I don't know anybody who feels otherwise. He's mostly angry about the degree to which he has hurt others, from the professionals who didn't dope (and lost) all the way down to the amateurs who people now look at suspiciously. In other words, Matt feels he's hurt the entire sport.

More interesting was his mentioning that there is now at least some talk of all the major sports being divided up into separate leagues: one for dopers and one for "straight" participants. I couldn't believe anybody would be serious about this, and he agrees that it will probably never happen, but the idea is being floated on "fairness" grounds.

He also mentioned that the least stringent doping enforcement seems to be in pro football. He believes that there's a direct correlation between the added strength of the doped-up players and the severity of injuries now being sustained--especially the concussion issue that is now all the rage.

And of course at the core of all this is the outsized dollar figures involved at the professional level of every sport.
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