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Default Your Cruise Has Been Refused

Your Cruise Has Been Refused
by Paul Motter

A cruise line can legally refuse to let you board with no compensation under these special conditions.


Any indication that you may
be sick is enough for a cruise
line to refuse your cruise.

I just received an email with a true story from a man who, along with his daughter, were refused boarding on a cruise out of Florida just last week. Ironically, they have cruised with this cruise line 10 times before, but this time they were left on the pier and given no compensation for the cruise they were refused. They ended up staying in San Juan, Purto Rico, for six days, spending $3000 for hotels and expenses to replace the vacation they had already paid for on the cruise ship that refused to board them.

What happened? The 15-year-old girl had a slight fever and had told the truth about on the health questionaire form every passenger is presented with during the boarding process. They were shown to a doctor who took the girl temperature and found it to be slightly elevated. An hour later it was normal. But they were told the girl would not be allowed on the ship, and so naturally the father did not leave without her. A truly sad story for anyone looking forward to an extraordinary cruise.

But the worst is that it may happen more than you think. People arrive with their luggage at a port of embarkation, ready for the "cruise of a lifetime" vacation they have been planning for a year -- only to be told at the very last minute that their right to board the ship is being denied.
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