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Paul, what a great, and, much needed informative, timely article. I have a few questions though...

1- Does a pregnant woman require a Drs. letter stating her due date,when she books? If not, anyone could push back the due date.

2-Is that photo in your article, a heat sensor, which is able to tell if people have fevers? I don't remember seeing this on my March cruise.

3-Doesn't it seem sad that they still refused her passage, after the temp was down the 2nd time they took it?

Having been disembarked from the Epic, due to my husband's illness in St Thomas, with the hospital happily taking Bruce's Medicare card, I can't imagine being dropped off in a port, that did not have a hospital up to the standards we are used to, would only have added to the stress, we were under. I do know someone that had this happen in Jamacia,and they were horrified with the situation.

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