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Default Re: Is Celebrity REALLY an upscale line?

I think the bottom line to this entire thread (and I am sure that no one will disagree!!) is:


Obviosly I am not referring to the Norway recently and other catastrophies.....

I have been on 5 with 6 and 7 booked and have never had a really bad experience. The worst scenario for us was on a Carnival ship last June. Previous to that we had been on all RCCL and it just wasn't as clean, service not as good, little things like that. We still had a fantastic time because back to my original point, there is no such thing as a bad cruise. I have run into people who say they will never cruise again because they had one bad experience, but to those people, I say they will never be completely happy, and maybe they didn't do their research. They need to determine what it is they enjoy and go out and find the right cruise for them. As for Rev22:17 who several threads ago put where he thought cruise lines should go - I have been on RCCL 3 times and in my opinion, they should not be in the same category with Carnival. Maybe they need a category o thier own in between Mainstream and Premium.

It is all about what you happen to be looking for for that particular cruise. I have been on Carnival, RCCL, and Celebrity. Here are my thoughts:

Carnival : inexpensive party ships that I would go on with a large group of friends looking to keep pricing down.

Celebrity: Quiet and laid back, this I would cruise again just me and my husband looking to relax.

RCCL: Has something for everyone. I have cruised this with my family 3 times with people ages 15 - 65. It is perfect for large groups who enjoy different things.

You just have to determine what type of cruise it is you are looking for and if you do your research, I will assure almost anyone will have a good time. The ones who don't woldn't have a good time on a land vacation either!
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