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1- Does a pregnant woman require a Drs. letter stating her due date,when she books? If not, anyone could push back the due date.
Not that I know of - but that is a good question. Once again, since the cruise line makes the final determination it would be in the guests best interest to have such a letter. What is the exact rule? Is it that you can't cruise within 6 weeks, or 8 or 12 weeks of your due date?

2-Is that photo in your article, a heat sensor, which is able to tell if people have fevers? I don't remember seeing this on my March cruise.
It is a thermal heat sensor, but its from an airport, not a cruise ship (just a picture) and the airports use them to look for "nervous" people, not sick people.

3-Doesn't it seem sad that they still refused her passage, after the temp was down the 2nd time they took it?
To be clear, the father said it was normal an hour later, the doctor only took it one time and it was 100.4, to the best recollection of the father when he wrote the review. But, yes, I would have considered going back and asking for another test.
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