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Carnival still allows you to book a cruise while on a cruise. You never got reduced deposits with Carnival's program but you do get OBC.

You can no longer buy a FCC to bring home and use later, but you can still book your cruise while on the cruise and the OBC you receive is still the same. The program for booking onboard has not changed.

Probably some time this spring the next year's worth of itineraries will be released thru mid April 2015. Carnival does not have specific release dates like other cruiselines.

$50 for a 3/4/5 day cruise
$75 for a 6 day cruise
$100 for a 7 day cruise.

$200 for a 12 day or longer cruise, though Carnival does not have many of these longer cruises. Hawaii being one of the few 12 day cruises for instance, so there are a few.

I talked to the rep onboard Magic who said they quit selling FCCs to bring home because there were so many cancellations. I forget now what he said, like 70% or more, so they decided not to sell the vouchers to bring home and use later to book. That part changed, but the booking while onboard your cruise is unchanged.

PS in case you want to book multiple cabins or have friends who want to. You do still get the two free friends and family future cruise vouchers when you book onboard which can be used within 60 days to book two more cabins and get the exact same OBC on two more cabins.

So, the answer is yes, if you know the cruise you want to book when you are onboard, you can book it with the reps onboard and get free onboard credit.
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