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Default My view

Obviously I am at a disadvantage in this thread...and am probably asking for trouble.

I completed 2 contracts on board with Steiner and would have continued if I was not married and preferring to stay on land.

There is a level of manipulation within the company as far as selling products. But just as will all other hair, face and body care companies- most key selling points are exaggerated. I know MANY people who have deep love for Elemis/Steiner products, have been using them for years, and refuse to change from the items they fell in love with when someone convinced them to spend money on board while visiting the spa. Some lives have been changed due to the encouragement to live a healthier lifestyle.

Steiner is company which was created out of the UK and have developed into a huge world wide corporation. Not only staffing cruise ships, but countless landbased spas around the world.

Thousands of jobs are created by this company and opportunities are given to people raised in poor countries and an option is given to reach further and change lives. Please ask someone from a poor country if the money they've made on board has changed their life.

Cruise ships alone have very interesting lifestyles, traditions and methods of superiority within the crew that you would never see on land. This will never change. But Steiner is not to blame.

Steiner does not withhold your pay and threaten you to keep it if you misbehave. This is ridiculous. If you would take the initiative to read your contract, you would know this. They have a 6 week layover period.

So many accusations.

And as a guest, if you DO NOT want to buy a product, tell the person!! They are doing their job, just as you do yours...selling insurance, cars...etc.

They DO NOT use cooking oil in their massage oil. They commonly use high quality almond oil and sometimes even higher quality with essential oils or therapeutic remedies. A true Steiner therapist will create a treatment specific to your needs or complaints, provide and amazing service, and yes- present a treatment package that maaaaybe you would enjoy having in your own home. If you don't want it, don't be embarrassed. Just say no.

Thank you for respecting my view,

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