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Default First-time Cruise Advice for 2013

First-time Cruise Advice for 2013

By Paul Motter


Cruising has changed! Updated First-time Cruiser advice for the modern world of cruises.

Picking the right stateroom
is an important consideration

I took my first cruise in 1983, but unlike most I started behind the scenes, working as a crewmember. So, while I had a chance to learn many things about cruise ships, there were things about cruising as a passenger I did not know until later. I started covering cruising as a journalist in 1997, however and all together I have taken more cruises than I count (well over 100). But more importantly, in the last nearly 30 years I have seen cruising form "both sides now."

My first crewmember cruise was in 1983 (30 years ago!), and my passenger cruise was in 1995 - on the Seabourn Sun to the Baltic Sea. It was quite a change to go from crewmember to guest, a big relief but also a learning process just beginning. That was the first time I had experienced pre-assigned dining times, dress codes and gratuities - many of the things that have changed in recent years.

Read the full article here: First-time Cruise Advice for 2013
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