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Originally Posted by big apple View Post
If my memory serves me correctly it was not that many years ago when they separated both the port charges and the taxes and now have combined basic charge and port into one figure and taxes show as another item which will confuse the cruiser as he does not know the port charge unless they skip a port and give you obc
They were and then lawsuits and lawyers got involved and so now they are mostly hidden. Now if you miss a port the cruise line may only give you a few dollars back out of the taxes line item and not what you really paid for the port (or non-port).

Originally Posted by CDrescher View Post
After speaking to a couple of people I know who work at CCL corporate offices. Although the peir issue is still up in the air. The main reason behind Carnival talking about pulling out of Grand Caymans is the Tender company. They were due to recive per their contract a 25 cent/person increase , but are demanding a dollar/person increase. Carnival is basiclly tellling them they can accept what per the contract they are due. And once the contract expires talk about farther increases or they can get nothing at all. Most likly out might see 2 or 3 ships skip GC. The tender company then sees Carnival is serrious and backs down and everything returns to normal.
This sounds about right - greedy tender boat company owners.
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