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It used to be a good deal even for light drinkers. Because water, and specialty coffees were included. We bought this on the Brilliance of the Seas back in December (12/13), 2004. Water was going for 4 bucks a bottle, forget how much the coffee was. Anyway, it really wasn't all that hard to drink the dollar amount. A Bloody Mary or 2, four bottles of water during the day, maybe one more at dinner is 20 bucks right there, a couple of pool drinks in the afternoon..and most folks have more than a couple, maybe a few drinks at the Schooner Bar during Trivia. Couple more predinner, a few during dinner or just a glass of wine or after dinner cordials...and back to one of the bars ... not even counting the trip to the disco. Even if you have just one alcohol drink at all those daily stops mentioned above, you could easily spend 55 bucks if you throw in the bottled water.

We were amazed to see this Premium Drinks Package available during the selling spree thingy they do right at the beginning of the 1st day on board. In fact, we overlooked it thinking it was the usual Wine was pointed out to us by a couple who happened to come by the Schooner Bar and remembered us from a previous Brilliance cruise in 2003. We all bought it. We paid for it and handed over our Set Sail Pass and they affixed a yellow Premium Drink Package sticker up in the top, right corner.

The way this package is offered now, it is only a good deal for drinkers...

I remember being very surprised that they didn't start this for the whole line...the staff was happy with it. Don't forget they HATED the drink program they had before where you could pay a certain amount and get non premium drinks...nothing but arguments from passengers who constantly tried to buy top shelf booze that was NOT included.

I think it was the George Smith "disappearence" that killed that. That was about the same time that the weekly cruise specials, formerly called Happy Hour specials, got a name change, too.

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