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I think it's ok to say YOU never had a bad cruise .. but when you say no one else could possibly have had a bad cruise, that complaints are not valid, its because they didnt adapt .. that's when I object.

btw, New Orleans was closed, the river had problems and NOLA cruises were going out of Mobile when this happened.. so they had to wake up customs agents to get us off the ship. The HC folks came to get us at 9 am and then we had #35 of 42 .. and our number was not called until 1:30 .. so we sat there with no food until afternoon and then got off in a tropical storm so bad the taxi driver would not help us with the luggage, just sat it out in the parking lot and drove off. Of course our friend turned over her walker with everything in the storage I had to pick up ..

A lot of the problems were not Carnival's fault .. but claiming no one can ever have a bad cruise has no right to judge other's cruises. Things can happen that are not fun and make for a bad cruise.

When I hear someone say there is no such thing as a bad cruise and being judgemental .. I say they should keep to their own cruises.. and say they never had a bad cruise .. not that no one else could have had a bad cruise.

I just had a friend who came down with pneumonia on a cruise and spent the whole cruise in the infirmary .. I bet wasnt her favorite cruise.

Im not saying its the cruiselines fault (before someone jumps down my throat, dont read that into what Im saying) .. but sometimes circumstances make a cruise not fun.

Judge not others experiences ..... stick to your own experiences.
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