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Unfortunately, the robes are free to use, but not free to take home.

As for the wrist bands, they work for some, but not for others. Again, if you want to wear them, you have to put them on at least 3 days prior to the cruise.

But as for ginger, forget the gum - buy some ginger pills. Cheap, quick, and easy.

It's one of those ancient Chinese remedies that's known for helping nausea. That's why doctors will tell you that when you have nausea to try drinking some ginger ale. Works well for women suffering from morning sickness when they're pregnant. The TV show Myth Busters did a thing about motion sickness and found ginger worked better for them than any of the other methods; patch, Dramamine, or wrist bands. I've had alot of clients tell me they swear by ginger pills, especially since they have absolutely no side affects.

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