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The CDC reported a strain of NV that originated in Australia recently.
We were on a cruise around New Zealand, out of Sydney, when our Captain reported the news.

We could not touch the plates, utensils nor serve our own food for the first week. Everything was done for you. Food in the Buffet was very slow but still much better than getting sick.

We washed our hands vigorously and often and did not touch our hands to our face. We did not trust the Purell going into dinner so we washed prior to entering, then used the purell (for appearances) and we carried our own purell with us and used it after we handled the menus.

We never got sick but the Medic was swamped with GI illnesses. You can still enjoy your vacation if you are extremely careful. You also do not know who is sick, and who has just touched the menu, the railings, the bar, etc.

So wash wash wash.
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