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Thanks to all of you for your input and thoughts on this. As I suspected, there is no easy answer.

Other than the first 2 cruises we took, we have never opted for the cruise lines insurance. In fact, we may have even gone with the recommendation of the TA who assisted us. Beyond that I always managed to find an alternate source to 'insure my trip." We only had to use them once when we had to cancel because of medical reasons (heart failure on my part), and had no issues in obtaining a refund. This was after final payeent as well.

I think we will continue to get the insurance as soon after we book as we can. I also think that we will now be looking for a separate medical evacuation insurance. I'm not sure that's the proper term, but it is the type that Trip and her husband had when they needed to get back from St. Thomas. We have met others on cruises who have purchased that type of insurance, and when you are of a certain age with medical issues, it's probably prudent to spend a couple of bucks extra and get it.

But again, thanks. As Todd has frequently said, this is a good bunch of people.

Stay warm !

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