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Good Morning cruisemates! It's been an interesting couple of weeks in Scottsdale. Two weeks ago we recorded the coldest day ever; a week later it was the hottest Jan. 21 on record; yesterday we got the most rain recorded, except for July 2010 -during Monsoon season. Supposed to be heading back to the 70s towards mid-week.

I haven't been on the site much lately. We've had a lot of out of town visitors the past few weeks, and an "issue" (business, not health) back home have taken up all my time. If I can't get it straightened out from here by Mon. or Tues. I may have to head home for a few days.

Sorry to read that Todd is back in the hospital. Todd - wishing you WELL!

Some showers expected today, and since most of our visitors are leaving today, think we'll have to catch up on laundry, and restock the groceries. Nothing to exciting, or as much fun as we've been having with our friends the last few weeks.

Have another "rash" of friends coming in towards the end of this coming week. The fun never stops
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