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The OP said that Celebrity raised their prices before the sale started, & while I am sure that happened in some instances, I know for a fact that the 5 different. Sailings that I had been monitoring since November did not change before or after the sale was announced. What difference does it make how long the cruise is?? Either the price went up or it didn't. I will guarantee you that cruise lines change their prices constantly according to demand, so any time they have a sale there is going to be someone that swears that the reason the price went up was due to the sale. I think that is hogwash.

If the OP was not happy with the price of the cruise they were interested in, they just have to decline to book. They did not say what sailing it was, but I know that South America, Europe, & Panama Canal sailings. Have been very high, & until they come down, sale or not, it would not be prudent to book them at this time.
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