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Default Hello there...are you still monitoring this thread?

Originally Posted by cruise632 View Post

I'm interested in hearing what the working conditions are like among the different cruise lines for IT positions (IT Officer, Computer Officer, Computer Systems Manager etc.) I have searched the fourms a bit but much of the information is quite old. I personally have experience with Princess and will share what I know about the IT Officer position:

Princess Cruises - IT Officer
- 1 Stripe - Pursers Department - Starting salary approx. $2500 per month.
- 6 months on, 1-2 months off, unpaid vacation.
- Has an assistant - Computer System Specialist.
- Flexible working hours, around 8-13 hours a day, on call 24/7. Usually possible to get out to see ports.
- Single occupancy cabin.
- Daily duties involve maintaining email systems, network systems, point-of-sale, back-office computer workstations & printers. Works with head office on implementing new projects. Works closely with pursers team as required.

If anyone has information on these positions with other cruise lines it would be good to consolidate into this thread.
Hi there:

If you're still monitoring this thread, I'd like to ask you about this. Am very interested in a position with Princess as the CO. If you could get back to me, that would be tremendous of you! hatkins at uniserve dot com

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