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Cruise Planner, you have made a point that I have preached on for years, not only about ships but any restaurant, etc ashore--they never clean the menus and the salt / pepper shakers--people come in with clean hands, pick up a menu, usually flip through it several times and order, then pass the salt / pepper around and then grab the bread and butter--I always clean my hands after ordering and handling the salt / pepper shakers --then start to eat.
Not saying people shouldn't wash prior to coming to the table-- they should for sure--it's just that people cough, blow their nose, etc and then handle a menu, and that doesn't count how many times the server has handled it prior to giving it to you, which by the time you get it, it could be covered in who knows what.
Re / Noro on ships, last week here in my state a county canceled school because of something like the Noro but it only made the local news--had it been a ship, it would have been top billing on every news channel.
Take a few seconds to cleanse your hands really well with Purell after handling the menus, salt / pepper, etc--it couldn't hurt.
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