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Angry Honeymoon

Me and my wife were on the Destiny last week. The schedule change was really the worst thing to happen. We are from The Netherlands (sorry if my English isn't wonderfull) and came to Miami to take this cruise for our honeymoon. We had to travel almost 24-hours and pay $3000,- for fly- and cruise (cheapest cabin). My wifes big dream was to go horsebackriding on the beautifull beach of Half Moon Cay, so this was were we had to go.

But we didnt go there, when we came in our cabin we found out the schedule was changed. They emailed the day before, but we couldnt check our email at that time (traveling already). So we had no choice then to stay on the ship and both get a whoppin $50,- OBC. Thats like 3,33% discount, WOW.

We tried to make the best of it, we had to because it was out honeymoon, we went to complain at Guest Services, but nobody could do anything for us. So we just had to have peace with it.

But now back home we are really upset about it, we had a chat with someone from the booking agency, she contacted Carnival. They sent us an email, in short: "They thank us for choosing Carnival for our honeymoon and congratulate us. They really regret it, but easily won't do **** for us."

We both really enjoyed cruising for the first time, but our honeymoon dreams didnt come true, we probably can't afford a cruise or a nice travel in the coming years, so we are really sad about it.

I hope we will be able to do it someday!! And I hope Carnival will do better in the future for their clients, and make sure their ships are in good condition. Weather problems oke, but engine problems is their own fault!!!
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