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Please explain this... "crew who were constantly asking to be named on the review - including one female who asked one of our group just because they had the same name - she didn't service her in anyway - didn't even know what department she was from!!!"

Are you talking about crewmembers who want people to name them personally on the rating sheets at the end of the cruise? I have heard about this happening more & more, but I don't why it has become such a big deal. Maybe you get a bonus or something.

I read someplace that some cruise lines now allocate the number of tables a waiter gets based on his guest ratings - more or less, and that it makes a huge difference in how much money they make.

I don't like this practice, customer ratings are too arbitrary, plus it leads to crewmembers asking guests for favors, which is something I have never approved of....

I hear you about the Centrum show, but I have read other reviews that say the show was good.

As far as that lounge being cut in half, I knew ut before the ship came out from looking at the deck plans. Now I have also seen it and the beautiful new suites on Reflection.

Fortunately, you have four other nearly identical ships to choose from in thhe Solstice-class.
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