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Originally Posted by carolduffy View Post
I am a single female, looking for a companion to share cabin costs. Retired early to travel for the past 10 years. Never shared a cabin with a stranger before, so I hesitated to post this.

I prefer cruises not less than 14 days.
I will try 7 day Carib Cruise to test compatibility though.

I am quiet, independent, but friendly.Some call me "refined". But I disagree--I have too much fun enjoying life to be stuffy. I would be taking active shore excursions, sometimes independent ventures out. We can go separate ways. Don't like clingy. You can be female or perhaps male. But if male, must have no interest in romance. I truly enjoy the company of my gay male friends.

Currently looking at HAL's January 2011 World Cruise, first leg may be sold out though,. As a past HAL passenger, I now get free laundry--you would too I think. I like Princess too.
Saw your post. It is 3 years old but checking to see if you did your world cruise. That one on HAL is high on my bucket list. I too enjoy longer cruises and would love to find that special person that is compatible and can help cut the expense.

I am retired 72 yo gentleman that love to travel.

Love to hear your experiences with sharing a cabin.

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