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I had my first Buffalo Wild Wings on New Years Day and I loved them. We stopped at one we have driven by fifty times and finally stopped. The service was terrible (short staffed on the holiday) but the wings were excellent.

A few days later I wanted more and we went to one closer to our house. Their wings were overcooked, dry and tiny. Never going back to that one.

So a couple of days later we tried another one that was about the same distance away and they were GREAT and so was the service.

I've only been to Hooter's twice. Once in Des Moines, Iowa and once in Minneapolis and both times I thought the wings were disgusting. Over cooked and over sauced. I haven't been back in over ten years.

However, like my experience with BWW it can be that each restaurant can be good or bad or a restaurant can be having a bad day.

All in all: I do love Buffalo Wild wings and the regular wings and many of the sauces are gluten free. The boneless wings are breaded and not gluten free.

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