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Originally Posted by flowers View Post
I was on conquest during Ike and think Carnival mishandled the resulting bruhaha. Carnival did not allow anyone to cancel .. and who knew on Sunday that Ike would hit that Friday and wipe out our cars? Not a good cruise to me.

I have had some other times, mostly good .. a few things like getting sick on both B2Bs so the 2nd week was less than fun. Not Carnival's fault .. but its not fun to be sick either.

To say no one can possibly have a less than good cruise to me makes zero sense. Sometimes things do go wrong. I don't understand why people on forums are so intolerant of people who have a complaint about their cruise. I still love to cruise, but I can't say I have never had a negative experience, in fact I was close to saying I would never cruise on Carnival again that one time.

If anyone did not want to go on this cruise, just cancel and file it with your travel insurace.....

no one is "forced" to ever go on any cruise.

If it is Carnival and it floats....we have sailed it!

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