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Good morning everyone.

I'm back to reality after two weeks of R&R. We had a great time on Glory and Imagination. I did a "brain dump" on the Carnival board so you can check that out.

We arrived home to about 1.5" of snow so I had to blow snow in +1F temps. It was about 60 degrees cooler than it was when we left Florida but it sort of felt good. I guess I'm weird.

We bit the bullet and unpacked everything last night so we'll need to make a run to the cleaners and also to the bank to deposit my ill gotten gains from the cruise.

Otherwise there isn't too much on the agenda. The grandkids have come down with this flu so we won't be seeing them this weekend. We will have them next Thursday - Sunday when my daughter conducts a seminar in Washington so we can get by until then. We are seriously thinking about heading out on the 11th to visit my brothers in Dallas and Phoenix. I'll have to drop by Kuki's place to see if he'll allow me in.

I hope everyone has a great day and wonderful weekend.

Donna: I wonder what evil deed Lucy is planning on Griffin?

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