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Default Re: Is Celebrity REALLY an upscale line?

Author: Big Rooster (
Date: 07-15-03 18:18

Norwegian Sky does have tables for 2 as well as freestyle.

I was originally booked on them before changing my reservation to the Millie.

After meeting these folks, I might just switch back.

Here's a case of someone who booked NCL because of freestyle and what it has to offer, then changed to the Millennium, expecting the Celebrity experience to adapt to what they wanted from NCL's Freestyle.

To my mind this makes NO sense at all! If you found a cruise line which offers the experience you're looking for. Why would you want to change? And why would you expect the people who've booked Celebrity, because of the experience they offer to adapt to what you want????

It truly seems odd to me, in this thread, that it's the people who are saying " It's my vacation, I'll do it what I want, regardless of what Celebrity states in their promotional material, and regardles of what other passengers think " who are calling those who want Celebrity to offer what they say they do, pretentious.

This seems like one of those "DUH" moments to me!

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