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Default Snowy Saturday

Good morning. Well, it's not Minnesota cold here, but it's chilly and overcast.

Keith has the flu and didn't go to Riverside today.

We spent Thursday night at the Hyatt Regency in Newport Beach. They gave us a newly renovated room with a glimpse of the Back Bay and yachts in the distance. Most of you travel a lot more than I do, so you'll probably call me naive at what I call REALLY updated.

We stayed in the main building which is quite old. That means you hear everything. The hotel cut night noise down by eliminating night noise with non-slamming entry doors and putting closet and bathroom doors on very quiet runners. A new safety feature: if you get up during the night, the minute you swing your legs over the bed a small floor light embedded in the night stand (an LED, I guess) comes on for about 30 seconds to guide your way. That was a surprise!

Food was delish and expensive. We took a beautiful ocean drive down to Laguna Beach. The whole day is our Valentine's Day gift.


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