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Benjamin Smith
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Default Re: Is Celebrity REALLY an upscale line?

Bravo, Kuki. Beautifully stated.

There's a reason for an NCL type of cruise and Celebrity type of cruise. Some of us like one over the other and some of us can go for both. Some of my friends would enjoy the Celebrity experience, some more the NCL, some both. I can go for both and *adapt* to the ship and line, and not expect the line and ship to adapt to me. It may be a vacation that I'm choosing, but it is a shared one. It is my vacation as well as vacations for thousands of others on the ship and some compromises may need to be made. One can choose and own an attitude of sharing or choose selfishness to bring into any social experience.

And this stuff about real people don't wear tuxes or dress stylishly is, I think, juvenile.
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