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Most of my cruising has been escorting groups, from as few as 9 to as many as 100, I would work with my T/A to put togther a package deal and he would sell it as an escorted cruise vacation. Long, Long ago, Carnival would "comp" the agency cabins based on number of cabins sold. I used to cruise for very little cash. That has all changed. The incentive for me to use MY vacation to babysit newbies is gone. I have decided to use MY vacation to travel with MY friends rather than those assigned to me. I sailed Carnival twice in November, December of last year, but I'm done taking groups. I have no doubt Carnival and the other ships will have little trouble selling cabins without me, but, how many more like me are out there?
It could be that newbies traveling alone spend more on alcohol, art, excursions, and gambling than an escorted group. I may not be the ideal cruiser they look for. . .
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