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Just took the Breeze last week out of Miami. If you are driving, DO NOT use Premier Parking. It is through several homeless camps. They screwed us, as they overbooked the lot and couldn't accommodate us due to the Miami Marathon happening the same day as the cruise. I got aggravated as I backed out of their lot and am now fighting for my money back. It was worth the $20 per day port parking...easiest on and off yet.

As for the Breeze, it is the most tastefully dedicated Carnival ship we have been on. Not at all gaudy. I can say it was not the best food out of all the cruises we have been on with them. All pasta was under cooked, and the fish/shellfish was all overcooked.
The deli was excellent. Guys burgers was a favorite.

The ropes course, well I couldn't get my son off of it when it was open, and of course I had to go too . It really was fun. The only issue is we went in January, if that makes a difference. The winds were higher than other cruises...we never sailed that early in the year before. When winds were over 35 kts, the ropes course and the slides were both shut down. I actually waited in line and it took me a half hour to get down the Twister slide. If this happens to you, don't curse all the way up the stairs like I did! When I got up to the top, the guy explained to me that with any cross wind, the ship is moving side to side enough to lower the water levels in the landing area, so if you hit it wrong at the bottom you could accelerate and slam into grate at the end. I was very happy to wait at that point, and a few small kids were sent down before me.

The cabin steward was outstanding. Can't say enough good things about that guy. He helped find my youngest when he got separated from us by accident on the first night and was crying while wandering the or guest services were no help with this.

I can honestly say, as long as I cruise with family, I will never book another balcony as we had in the past. We were going to this time, but cabins were limited as it was a last minute decision. We ended up with two adjoining ocean view cabins which afforded us four showers (2 were tubs, which kept the floor nice and dry). The convenience of the extra space was phenomenal, not to mention for the four of us it was the same amount for the adjoining rooms as it would have been to jam us into the one balcony room.

The way the TV's swing out is a big hazard for shorter children...don't know how many times my son smacked his noggin. On TV's...the service was blotchy, constantly pixelating...not that I was on the ship to watch TV, but I liked to watch the map and info channel to see what the temps and locations were. It was awful. I also brought along a cheap DVD player for the kids to watch movies just before bed if they wanted to. All the inputs are locked out except for the single HDMI that they use (my cheapo player only had the RGB/AV cables of course). So if you wish to bring something like that as I saw some folks on other sites asking these questions, bring something with an HDMI cable and you will be good to go, just unplugging theirs and plugging yours in. A universal remote will also not work...I tried that into the menu, but the TV's were specially made for the ship by Viewsonic, have the Carnival logo for a splash screen, and when you go into the menu, no other inputs are available for selection or even activation. In the end it was really not missed anyway, although it might have been nice on the last day after leaving Nassau because it was cold and rainy. We spent time in the library for a while playing board games and had fun anyway!

Entertainment was so-so. Turns out Carnival (as written in their stuff) now only hires singers/dancers instead of singers and dancers. So there was a total of 8 of them, and it was definitely not on par with last cruises although entertaining. Hasbro the Game Show was good, especially with the kids. The best was the last night...Motown. I went there and began with a low expectation and wanting to walk out. When Consuela and the live band started, man they were hot! Do not miss them at all. Motown is usually not my choice of music, but she had a tremendous voice, spot on key wise, and the band was excellent. They actually played mid-ship all week, and I failed to stop and listen, just walking by...kicking myself now for not doing that. Mutzie one of the comedian was also the best I have ever seen, second only to Sinbad. Absolutely no foul language, and ad lib. He has 5 totally different shows, so that you didn't come to another show feeling ripped off. Real talent. Would have brought the kids to the adult show if they let them in. Do not miss him. Percy was crappy, in my opinion.

On to food...MDR service was sub par for us. No drinks (non alcohol) until we were almost finished with our meal, if they came at all, even after complaint to the Maitre d'. Finally sunk in after I brought my big Rubbermaid cup to the table with drink mix. The service really turned up on the last night as a last ditch effort for tips. I'm sure they were disappointing. The pasta was under-cooked, always. The fish and shrimp was all overcooked, Mahi rock hard. There were a lot more choices on the Lido than I had seen in the past, and they were all good. I missed trying the taco/burrito one. Guys burgers was my wife's favorite and always mobbed.

My last gripe was the elevators. Everyone had the same complaint. It was faster to take the stairs than to ever take an elevator. You could wait and wait and wait. Then all the elevators would show up at once.

Overall a good experience though, fun time with family. Grand Turk was beautiful, Ocho Rios more enjoyable than last time, Nassau was better than last time also, and it was cold and rainy.

If you have any other questions while things are fresh in my mind, let me know.
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