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I tried this site back when it was free, not sure it is still free


I got rid of it. Maybe my computer is too old, but it was scanning when I would be playing a game and suck up my ram on my desktop. I also can do a better job of scanning on my own where I can look at prices above mine. You can put in other rates .. lets say you are in a 4B .. and put in 4B, 4C, 4D, 4E, 6A etc (in case there is a sale with a free upgrade, you would want to put in categories above yous, plus yours might sell out) .. but that means it is scanning that much more. You set it to how often you want to scan .. but it still was scanning when I wanted to do other things. It just was not for me. I prefer to scan prices on my own. If you put in lots of cabin categories and are like me with lots of cruises.. it was scanning a lot, too much.

I dont know how many other sites like that there are now .. I got rid of all the links I had like that when I reformatted my computer recently. I just remember that one off the top of my head.

I just saw the post below mine.. so my post might be removed. Mods sorry if its not allowed .. just remove this post. I was just giving a example of why its better to do it yourself.
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