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Originally Posted by Medic24 View Post
Semi-retired Male, 53, Christian, Straight, looking for cabin mates and ideas for cruises to new places. I have been on 11 cruises in the past 2 years, but do not really care much for paying the single penalty for a cabin I spend very little time in.
Non-smoker, non-drinker. M or F OK.
I am looking for some one to share cabins for longer cruises where the cost is out of my budget for a single cabin.
Clean, respectful, and early riser, early to bed kinda guy.
Saw you ad and I too would love to find someone that enjoys cruising and saving some money. I am retired hospital CIO and love the longer cruises. Saves airfare cost and enjoy longer trips. I have been cruising HAL and Princess but if a great deal comes along - no preference.

Do not smoke and only drink a glass wine every so often. Am 72 healthy and gym rate.

Let me know if you would like more info. Bob
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