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Back home after a wonderful visit to Texas. We so enjoyed getting away even if it was only for a week. The sunshine was great but what we came home to not so great. The closer to home we got the more snow we saw. Everything here is covered in a white blanket. We had been home about an hour and the snow started again! I want to go back to the sunshine. Left temps in the 70's for temps in the low 30's is not good. I don't think D/H enjoyed it as much as I did even though he got to play golf in Jan. We did square dance several times to some really good callers with some good friends in Texas. We had the dog with us and he did very well but it did keep us from visiting some places I would have liked to seen. I will not do that again, we will board him or something and go alone.
Everything is unpacked, laundry is underway, and will need to make a grocery run if we ant to eat today. Grandkids came over for a little while last night. I think they missed us a little bit. They loved the bracelets I had made for them in Mexico. Had a guy who made them in the school colors with their names on them. It was very interesting watching him make them.
Well back to the real world and catch up on things here.

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