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I know I have not posted here a very long time but thought I would weigh in here. I totally agree with Pete. I too work for an Amex agency. I basically saw this coming for a while and expect this to back fire on Carnival. I cannot tell you how many times I have talked to a client that had been on the phone with Carnival and they were talking the client into 1A interiors or a 7C balcony and not explaining what they were getting. I once talked to a couple celebrating their 50 yr wedding anniversary that called with a price on a 1A cabin. After I explained what Carnival was offering I asked them to call Carnival and call me back if I was right. I ended up selling them a Holland America. While we are asked to not sell Carnival I will still sell to my regular Carnival Clients because I am not about to lose a sale but have to admit Carnival has done a lot of things in the past year to not make me a fan. I have a Spring Break sailing that has now had 10 price reductions with Early Saver on of all ships the Breeze. Something must not be going well if they have to drop prices this low and this frequently while others for the same date are basically sold out. I guess only time will tell. I honestly do not think they have not felt the full repercussion of allowing Travel Agents to give Ship Board credit as gifts. I think eventually their on board revenue will continue to drop because many clients don't have the extra funds that were once given to them to spend on board. Carnival would prefer to have all new first time cruisers that are naive and will spend lots of money on board because they do not know any different. Which is why they want to get rid of the Travel Agents we were giving them too much information.
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