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Do you plan on shopping? Thats where most of my money goes. Having all sorts of things there together to choose from, I almost always find things to bring home? A little piece of jewelry, some knock off hangbags. I bring $50 or so, mostly in ones for tips and haggling in the ports.

I cant think of any Carnival ships that do 5 day cruises that have any pay option restaurants, so I dont think you need to budget for this. There is always free food available, but if you have a sweet tooth, rarely candy unless you bring some from home. Are you the type that a piece of cake will do?

Iced tea and lemonaide and coffee etc are free, but there will be speciality coffee and speciality ice cream some will buy. I do the free.

I would bring a few hundred for emergencies ... like seeing something want to buy. I never use credit cards in the ports.

How about internet access. Its very expensive on the ship, but cheap in the ports for cash.
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