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I have a pacemaker and travel with a CPAP, computer, liquid and inject-able medications. Does the security bother me. No. I can get everything out and in the bins without holding up the line.

I do like the scanners. With a scanner, those of us with a pacemaker, do not need to be frisked. It sure saves time on both the traveler and the TSA worker. I could care less if they can see an image of my body. I like to give people a good laugh.

Steves probably wrote this article because he forgot to take his "Rick Steves travel pocket knife" out of his "Rick Steves carry on bag" and put it in his "Rick Steves world traveler suitcase." He through a fit and was subject to a deep cavity search.

BTW: Laker's friend is correct. People 75 and older no longer need to remove their shoes.

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