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Hi Gang! I'm back. Well, my mom had to have emergency surgery. She got sick Thursday night with what was thought to be a GI bug at first. When she did not get to feeling better, she told me she was almost sure she was having a gall bladder attack. I told her to go to the ER. She refused...for days. The pain finally got so bad that she did, and had surgery and a hernia repair later that day. Although she woke up with breathing problems in recovery, she was raving she was not moving in with me, and even quoted me as a small child saying that I would not take care of her when she got old!

She has been pretty much a PITA since. She is currently in a step down unit in the hometown, where I've been until this afternoon trying to clean up her mess. Her landlady wasn't pleased with her but I think I've got her paid until my brother can move her. She says she will come but she does not want to. It's either here or the nursing home...but she wants plan C, her own place, which isn't really an option.

She continues to have breathing issues. She must have had something that we did not know about beforehand, and she may come home with oxygen.

Anyway, that's my news.
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