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Originally Posted by Bruce Chafkin1 View Post
Yes, the TSA is a major negative when flying.

But there is a solution that has served me very well.
I refuse to fly in the USA.

Most of the other countries are the same way they have always been, careful - but not crazy.
As a bonus, the non-US Airlines are also much better.
I probably don't fly as much as you do but it is five or six times a year. I have found the most rude and slowest airport security to be in Europe and Asia. England, Spain, Poland and Hong Kong are the ones that come to mind. In England I sat for twenty minutes waiting for someone to "pat me down" and when they showed up they weren't happy. In Poland it took three security people to verify that my pacemaker card was legitimate. The explanation was that I looked "too healthy" to have a pacemaker. In Hong Kong, a place that is usually quite civil, the security personnel were just rude.

It can be circumstance but I will take U.S. security over foreign. Also, they make you jump through as many or more hoops to get on the aircraft than in the U.S.

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