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Default John Travolta - Cruise Gossip

John Travolta - Cruise Gossip

John Travolta has a dispute with a cruise ship employee, but manages to settle the case


John Travolta settles
his case with Fabian

The big gossip news in the cruise industry this week is that the case brought by a former Royal Caribbean crew member against mega-movie star John Travolta has been "dropped" with no news of the details forthcoming.

The Hollywood Reporter (a regular movie industry trade newspaper) reported that Fabian Zanzi, a crew member aboard the Royal Caribbean ship (frankly we are not sure if he was the phone attendant at the room service desk, a room steward, or a shipboard masseuse) Enchantment of the Seas, accused John Travolta of dropping his robe so he was fully naked and "forcefully embraced" him.

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