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I do have that brochure, I will have to look it up.

Of course, when I reference Oceania I am talking about their newer ships, which are about 30% larger than the small ones, but yes, the S-class is much bigger, but they are spacious ships, even Reflection.

I just got a press release today about Celebrity's cuisine. Funny, because I got a press release from them last week about the line & the TV show "Top Chefs" and it was so badly written it barely made sense (I showed my culinary editor and she completely agreed).

But the one I got today is far clearer - and it touts special culinary cruises. The thing is that Celebrity USED TO compete as a culinary cruise line, but you really don't hear them mentioned that way so much anymore. They lost a lot of good will when they decided not to have a "celebrity" chef anymore.

Now, I have eaten onboard and I do think the Lawn Grill and Qsine both offer wonderful food. But as a concept I actually don't hear that many people raving about it.

Here is the thing - each portion is enough for four people, so while it is a "tasting" experience, there is really too much food. If one person wants "sliders" then you enough for four people comes to the table. Same with egg rolls, etc.

So - in the end I suppose there is a lot of wasted food, or else people get food that other people wanted.

But the food is really good and beautifully presented. I think they need to keep the menu and presentation, but control the portions so only the people who really want a certain dish get a portion of it.
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