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Sorry I haven't been posting as usual but it's been due to circumstances beyone my control.

Funny, but I just bought a new bed and mattress. Fran and I had a gigantic four poster King and it just was getting too much for me to get up and into. I was shown one of those memory foam mattresses but no way I was getting one of them.....or so I thought.

I lay down on one and the guy said I wouldn't like it as it was memory foam. Maybe so but it was unlike any I'd ever stretched out upon but I couldn't take the heat they build up. He said I didn't have to. It had one of those gel envelopes that keep you cool. This was not to mention it was an electric bed with an upper works that raised and lowered with a little switch. Since I read voluminously, that was it. To boot, it was Queen sized as opposed to King so that I liked as well (less to make). I said I'd take it. It was not only on sale but they were involved in another promotion where they paid the sales tax! So I got a 1,600 dollar bed for a little under a grand and couldn't be happier. Of course the bedroom looks as if you could park a tractor trailer in it but ask me if I give a rat's patooie. Thus far, I've sept like the proverbial log. I'm right now looking forward to snuggling into it with my book and my three furry children. I do hope it continues to provide the happiness it has thus far.

Hope all your tests turned out alright Keith. All of you are, lest you forget, still in my nightly prayers.
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